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Welcome to our Company!

I.T.S is a family run business that started in 1979 when its founder Jim Clancy realised that there was a strong market for solid tyres in Ireland. We are Forklift Tyre Specialists and major suppliers new solids and pneumatics in Ireland.

Since we acquired the Watts agency for Ireland all those years ago, it has grown from strength to strength. We have built on this over the years and now offer customers a wide variety tyres from forklift and Skid Steer to Waste Application OTR Solids. We were awarded the Continental Network Partner of the Year 2015. We distribute Major Premium & Economy tyre brands including:


The years have been spent building up a strong “quality” orientated company which has placed a high priority on “customer satisfaction” & “ second-to-none service”.
We have two mobile tyre units on the road and also have four specially designed industrial presses in its extensive warehouse with other presses strategically placed throughout Ireland to assist customers. We carry the largest range of industrial pneumatic, solid, press-on-band tyres in Ireland. We are also a specialist supplier of solid tyre-fill, Liquifill, castors & rollers.
In addition to having the most extensive industrial range on offer, we can also supply complete wheel/tyre units. This minimises down-time for their customers.
We can also offer wheel exchange for most makes of forklift trucks with next day delivery nationwide.

Supplying All Industries

We offer an extensive range of solid tyres including; Trelleborg: Elite XP Pit Stop Line (P.S.L), Orca and Ecosolid. Continental: Sc20, CS20, Barum, Lifecycle and CSEasy Cushion solid tyres. T.Y: Solid O.T.R Waste application solids and Trelleborg: Brawler Solid Waste tyres. Trojan Tire Waste Tyres.

SUN TWS manufacture high quality cushion solid tyres and press on bands and supply the Talon, Numa and Sunbear Cushion solid tyres. They supply premium/ mid-range and budget cushion solid tyres for every forklift application.

We offer a wide variety of tyre specifications for all applications. These include: Watts, Trelleborg T800 & T900 Wide-Wall, TR-900 radial, C800 construction. Continental Cross ply IC10/12 & IC40, Continental Radial RV20, RT20 IC70, IC80 and Conrad. Most of our tyres come complete with tube & flap.

OTR Cross ply and Radial

Available from July 2016 – The Continental EM Master and RDT Master in all 25’’ sizes. All Continental Crane and Container Master for Port applications.  Available now- We are sole distributors in Ireland for Rosler Giant Tyre Innovators who make Schelkmann and Rodos OTR tyres. We can take back your Michelin, Bridgestone or Goodyear casings for remolding. These tyres have been tested to withstand all of today’s loading criteria.

Press-on-solids are available from us, in a range of compounds with a choice of profiles & tread patterns to cover an extremely diverse range of site operating conditions. We supply rubber and polyurethane tyres.  We supply Continental and Trelleborg approved press on bands for all articulated forklifts including Bendi, Flexi and Combilift & Aisle Master (to name a few).

Non-Marking-White Solids
We offer a huge variety in sizes in non-marking white solid tyres. These tyres are popular for the Food, Pharmaceutical & IT industries.

We are sole distributors for ZEUS™ Tyrefill & Liquifill. This is becoming very popular in areas where only pumped tyres will work but suffer badly from punctures. Tyrefill (solid fill) is mostly used in areas such as forklift tyres, as well as waste disposal and material handling applications. These tyres flat proofed with Zeus® Tyrefill will ride almost like pneumatic tyres and are as durable as solid tyres.
Liquifill is a flat tyre-proofing preventive measure. Once it is installed in a pneumatic tyre, it prevents most flats due to the fact it contains suspended particles within the liquid. Rim and bead air leaks are also practically eliminated. Liquifill is a reliable puncture sealing material which is currently reducing flat tyres caused by pointed or sharp objects.

Special Compounds
We also offer special compound tyres such as; electrically Conductive, Anti-Static, Wet-Grip & Anti-Chipping for use in potentially dangerous environments.

Polyurethane, Castors & Rollers
We have an extensive range of Polyurethane press-on band tyres, made to any specification you might require. We are also QW, Wicke & Rader Vogel dealers for castors & rollers to suit every make of reach truck, pallet truck or power-pallet truck.

Specialist Products

Trelleborg manufacture a new Patented Lifting Bag which is designed for heavy duty applications. These lifting bags can lift up to 67 Tonnes!

Continental produce a new In tyre Sensor which is used in all applications from Truck and Port Applications to Mines and Quarries. This innovative sensor records and displays the pressure and temperature of each individual tyres and can save thousands of euro in tyre expenses from saving just one tyre.

Customer Support

If you have any technical questions or would like to place an order with us, our  forklift tyre specialists would be delighted to assist you and can offer expert advice on any industrial tyre question.

We also offer a free of charge on-site fleet inspection and report.
Looking forward to serving your every forklift tyre needs!”