Non Marking Forklift Tyres




What are Non Marking Forklift Tyres?

Non Marking Forklift Tyres are white tyres which do not leave marks on the floor as the black ones. The usage of these white tyres has grown in popularity all over the world and, in many countries, the usage is mandatory. Mostly applied in pharmaceutical and food industries where hygiene is an important factor.

Non Marking Forklift Tyres were designed to be as resistant as the normal black tyres. The only difference between these forklifts is that the white tyres are made of silica and the black ones- from soot.

Benefits of using White Tyres:

  • Eliminate floor marking.
  • No need for floor cleaning.
  • Same resistance as normal forklift tyres.
  • Good traction.
  • Low rolling resistance and low heat built-up.

We offer a full range of sizes in non-marking white solid tyres.


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