Why choose our Company?

“We are delighted to be associated with Industrial Tyre Specialists and have been working with them for the last 35 year delivering great service to our industry”

Mr Terry O’Reilly, Managing Director, Toyota.


Jungheinrich Lift Truck Ltd is Ireland’s leading player in Material Handling Equipment (M.H.E.) providing a one stop solution to Warehousing Solutions nationwide. We have enjoyed a progressive partnership with Industrial Tyre Specialists for over 20 years. Conscious of providing rapid solutions to our customer’s requirements combined with competitive value and a high level of professionalism, I have sourced the market for the best tyre provider on many occasions of my 13 years working with Jungheinrich and each time I end up at Industrial Tyre Specialists. Their product range is second to none, providing four options for each tyre category from budget to mid-range to high end options, the work carried out is clean with no hassle or issue, the back-up service from the office is highly professionalism and all Health & Safety guidelines are strictly followed from beginning to middle and end of each job. I look forward to developing our partnership for many years to come and I would highly recommend Industrial Tyre Specialist to any individual or business sourcing options in this area. They are the best Forklift Tyre Specialists in Ireland.

Jonathan Bayley, Purchasing Manager, Jungheinrich Lift Trucks Ltd.



“ Here at DTC we have built on our Fathers legacy and developed a successful tyre operation in the North West of Ireland. We have partnered up with ITS to supply Continental, Trelleborg, Talon and Numa forklift tyres to our customers. With our mobile forklift press we can now fit solid forklift tyres on-site for our customers and eliminate costly down time and transport charges. ITS have the knowledge and expertise to help and guide us to give our customers the best service and products available. Our forklift tyre business has substantially grown since we started working with ITS and we are very happy with how they do business. They are like us- Great lads! ”

Marcus Monaghan, Director, Donegal Tyre Centre.



“The Clancy’s are around forklift and industrial tyres for as long as I am in business. They have helped and guided me in providing my customers with the right service and products for their forklifts and off road machinery. They are a vibrant, growing company and I am delighted to part of that growth. They are great to deal with and  I look forward to working closer with them in the coming months and years.”

Jim O’Hanlon, Director , O’Hanlon Tyres.


“Working with Industrial Tyre Specialists makes my life a lot easier. They know the forklift models and they can advise which are the best tyres for our different applications. From the Trelleborg Elite XP Pit Stop Line to the Talon and Numa brand they have a tyre for all our needs. Their services is fantastic and we really enjoy working with them. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to change forklift tyres”

Gavin Boylan, Service Manager, Forklift Centre.

The Forklift Centre